"Over the 9 years we have seen an already remarkable preschool and child care centre blossom into an exceptional one!

Staff has remained constant (and energetic), in fact there are over 4 staff who were on board when we started and countless others who have been working for  3 years or more. Gum Nut fosters a happy, adventurous and a supportive learning setting and passionately promotes an awareness of the environment and current issues, namely endangered wildlife, water and recycling. Excursions and incursions are consistently organised to engage already curious minds in a range of exciting activity. Our Gum Nut journey has been a positive one and has contributed to the preparedness of my 3 children for school and life!"  - Mary.G


"My daughter attended Gum Nut Preschool and Child Care for over 5 years, finishing in the kinder program last year. The entire time she was there I felt happy and comfortable with the care and attention she received. The staff are unbelievably welcoming and nurturing not just to me and my daughter, but my whole family. The centre has a strong focus on supporting environmental causes and raising awareness for issues in the local community and also overseas. The children felt a great deal of satisfaction supporting and learning about these causes, something I hope will stay with them all for a long time. My daughter also learned Mandarin and Italian from her teachers which she loved. She formed very special friendships here which were made easy by the constant opportunity to participate in social events (picnics, concerts, excursions, parties etc). Her love of the teachers was also obvious, most of who had known her since she was a baby. Their happy and positive attitudes were always a sign to me that they were well supported and truly enjoyed their jobs and the team they are part of.
Overall, I cannot recommend Gum Nut more highly. I am so fortunate to have had this as our introduction to early learning and will continue to promote it wherever possible." - Kester.N